Wednesday, 12 August 2015

win win win

It's competition time with the homeless critic!

So, have a look at The Wedding Reception. Fancy some of that? Good: the homeless critic will sort you out for entry and food. The bad news is, you have to go with him. He'll be pretending it's a date, but don't worry about that - you're just getting to see a great show!

With food.

After a high level consultation with the whole Vile Arts' team - including suggestions from Robo-critic, Mad Cyril and Ghost Derrida, the following questions have been set as the competition. The Homeless Critic's suggestion, can I sleep on your couch? was disregarded as a bit creepy. 

Please note: you don't have to take the homeless critic home. Once the show is over, make your excuses and leave!

Put your answers in the comments box or send 'em to the

Question one
What is your name?

Question two
Why would you like to spend an evening with the homeless critic?

Question three
Have you got a show on the fringe?

Question four
Do you have any special dietary requirements?

Question five
Can I come and sleep on your couch?

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