Tuesday, 11 August 2015

The Homeless Critic is Judging You


The Vile Arts is pleased to announce that their recent meta-critical project, The Homeless Critic, is now the most viewed post on the Vile Blog. To celebrate, The Vile Arts is offering a champagne reception in a secret Edinburgh location, and has invited many of the previous projects who didn't quite work to get drunk at their own expense.

Fin Fang Foom, who didn't happen as a parody of reviewer's obsession with ego, said that he's be there, and is ironing his little purple shorts. 

'It's great that the Vile Arts has finally invented something that has captured the imagination. What's it got - like thousands of hits? I only managed the hundreds, and I am a big massive dragon who gets frequent kickings off Iron Man.'

Ghost Derrida, a more recent failure, commented that the Homeless Critic may be seen as a deconstruction of the theatrical community.

'This Homeless Critic is getting the big reads, but so far no-one has actually come forward to offer him a couch. The irony is, he's got an inbox full of emails asking him to 'do a favour' for a theatre company and review their show.'

'Right,' bellowed Mad Cyril. 'Farkin' arses askin for a favour off a bloke who ain't got a roof over is ead. Nice and smooth, theatre community.'

The Homeless Critic himself was more circumspect, and is looking forward to the celebration. 'Actually, it is more likely that people think this is a joke, and that I am not wandering about the city trying to find a place to unfurl my sleeping bag.But I totally am... I mean, I have options but unless this involves some jeopardy, it's a bit empty and I might as well just do a physical theatre show about austerity culture.'

'Of course, he concluded, 'if people are reading this and ignoring the genuine plea beneath the playful dramaturgy, it's a pretty sorry world we live in.'

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