Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Freedom of Speech: The Chancellor is not on drugs at all

Despite bragging that I am an anarchist every five minutes, I do recognise that the British Democratic System does allow some degree of freedom of speech. For example, Jeremy Corbyn gets to go on television, get the left all excited at the prospect of a socialist being in charge, before he goes on to get slaughtered in a General Election, thanks to the deeply unfair First Past the Post system. Protest is okay, as long as not too many people do it (then they become a mob), and it is contained within the existing processes. 

Another thing I think is great: drugs. I love my drugs. When I have a headache, sweet codeine takes away the pain. Then there's the one I take for acid reflux, plus the anti-depressant which stops me from getting withdrawals from the anti-depressant, and a couple more to monitor my diabetes. 

Without drugs, I would probably be on a constant sugar rush, or in a coma, or aware of my innate alienation caused by the soullessness of late consumerism. Drugs are good.

This intriguing combination of enthusiams brings me to someone I don't like much. George Osbourne. There is a rumour - and a conspiracy theory - that Gorgeous George liked his drugs, too. 
Here socialist stand up Dennis Skinner accuses him of snorting coke, before getting told to leave the Commons by what appears to be a Latin teacher who can't control his students.

Then there is this video: hardly proof, but the look on his face is hilarious.

  Then there is the revelations by one of his former friends - it was in The News of the World. The documentary gets into murky waters - although they missed a trick by not noticing that George was pals with a Sinclair, from the aristocratic family who always seem to turn up in those wild history books about The Templars.

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