Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Top Tips for Nicola Todd...

Nicola Todd is a playwright, but she also studied with me. So she knows a great deal about dramaturgy. 

This means many fringe companies would do well to heed her.

Moaning aside, she's coming over to see shows, and I am giving her a set of top tips...

Tar Baby
In a few days, my podcast with Desiree Burch will be on the blog. On it, you will hear me declare my love for her. Actually, not in so many words, but I had just seen her show, and she is this year's art crush.

It's about racism. It pulls no punches. It is witty, it is fierce, it is authentic (last two adjectives, of course, open to interpretation... do I mean fierce like ballroom fierce? Do I mean hip hop authentic?).

I usually worry about adopting social thinking from the USA to a British context, but this is like an object lesson for all those writers who think they are doing political. 

I'd like to start a petition on change.org to get her to move to Scotland. We need her.

Wild Bill
I'll admit: I have seen this one yet but you probably remember my
feelings about Shakespeare (won't repeat them lest our tutor Vicky is reading this... and I like her better than the Bard... well, it's more the Shakespeare industry than the plays and...).

But this one looks fun: the actor made it himself, and I like the cut of his mockery. 

Gary Busey's One Man Hamlet
Again, not seen it, but... have a read. Another madcap Shakespeare session...

Greatest Stories Never Told
I know you were asking about Russian theatre, but I am kinda not sure what is about this year... there has been years when the Russian physical theatre massive have come over and warped my tiny little mind... so how about this... a kind of historical show... I think you'll be interested in the script here.

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