Friday, 8 May 2015

 I think that I am allowed to moan about the election result today because I voted yesterday. 
He's a ghost, he's a gur-u!

I would like to express my dismay that the Conservative Party increased their share of the vote. Over the last five years, they have demonstrated neither competence nor compassion. I could blame the Labour opposition for a failure in their campaigning, UKIP for encouraging a shift towards a more intolerant atmosphere or the left for being divisive: if I blamed the SNP, though, I would be guilty of not understanding mathematics (adding their seats to the Labour number does not suggest that Labour victory in Scotland would have defeated the Conservatives).
very much so

I am a bit confused about how the Conservatives did it though: a few people on my Facebook feed are saying that their gains in England are due to 'selfish' voting. But voting Conservative for most people is not selfish at all: they stand to gain very little.

However, in my anti-voting rhetoric, I did proclaim that a vote in a representative democracy is not an alternative to activism. So, I had better get active.

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