Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Cruise away The Real!

You are invited to join the actual boat ride on the Thames A Cruise Down The Absurd with live, part scripted and part improvised performance by upcoming British theatre group Gideon Reeling that will immerse you in a world of Marek Piwowski’s cult Polish comedy The Cruise. Prepare yourself for a 1970s-themed evening full of full of absurdist humour and slapstick gags that will make you cry with laughter. 

All this in a groovy jazz beat of the Krzysztof Komeda and Wojciech Killar's classics performed by world-famous Obara International quartet. This event is one-off special commission by the 13th Kinoteka Polish Film Festival supported by Stock Spirits and DFDS Seaways.

There will be two bars selling drinks on the boat.

Immerse yourself in surreality, confusion and the absurd!

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