Friday, 22 May 2015

Light Boxes

Using ensemble work, live music and video design, Light Boxes brings to the stage a dark yet tender post-modern fairytale, rich in lush and macabre imagery.

Light Boxes is a deeply immersive piece inviting its audience into a world of snow, balloons, mint tea and the smell of honey and smoke - sounds, smells and images that feel both familiar and other-worldly.

The ensemble of actors take on various roles to portray the book’s bizarre characters - bird-masked balloonists, moss-covered horses, beekeepers, underground children and the mysterious February himself, in a dark and sad town trapped in a long, long winter.

MJ McCarthy’s original music composed for the show breathes and sings to help tell the story.

Light Boxes marks talented emerging theatre director Finn den Hertog’s first full-scale production.

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