Friday, 15 May 2015


The Telegraph  called it. Like the rest of Scotland, I've gone mad with political engagement. Having been persuaded to vote in three elections now - and regretting my choice at least twice - I have the right to moan. And so, I want more.

I have decided to join a political party.

Unfortunately, I am going to need some help. I have friends in many political parties, but I have no attachment to the party system.

I am asking my friends to suggest which party I ought to join.

Here are a few parameters.

I want to be in a party where I can be part of the policy discussions. Voting once every five years is not enough. 

I remain a philosophical anarchist, and reject the tribalism of party politics. 

I am really really really into freedom of speech.

I think trains are brilliant. 

I shall always be a Wessex Regionalist.

1 comment :

  1. Scottish Greens are probably for you. Very keen on trains and free speech, I hear, and policy discussions actually take place involving party members.

    SNP might also do. Not sure how they feel about trains.