Thursday, 26 June 2014

The Pipe Factory

The Pipe Factory present a two day festival centered around the written and the spoken word with film screenings , spoken word performance, texts, and food.

Featuring works and contributions from:

Phoebe Amis  (as heard on the amazing Google Useless Radio)

Sarah Bowers 
Amelia Bywater 
Francis Davis 
Emily Ilett 
Emilia Muller-Ginorio & Florrie James (poetry is not a luxury)
Rob Kennedy (did the tech thing for the recent People Show  in the CCA)
Geoff Lucas 
Joanna Peace 
HOAX publication  (champions of art/not-art text)
Calum Rodger 
Sarah Rose 
Susannah Stark (print-making perfectionist)
Laura Simpson 
Gareth Vile (King of the Critics)
Martin Vincent 
Rebecca Wilcox 
Fritz Welch 
JL Williams (out of Opal - poetry fights electronic music and both win)

And works by:
David Antin | John Baldessari | Guy Debord |
Mike Dunford | Hollis Frampton | Derek Jarman | 

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