Sunday, 15 June 2014


Once upon a time I asked for help. It was to design a periodic table featuring all of the Glasgow performance makers.

Despite the generosity of the Glasgow artists, I didn't finish it. There were too many people to put in a periodic table.

Besides, it was a feint. I wanted to introduce an idea.

For my dissertation at University, I am going to be doing a study of whether there is such a thing as 'a Glasgow performance style.'

To do this, I would like to interview anyone who has an interest in Scottish performance.

So here's the appeal (if you are interested...)

Take three words or phrases that you think apply to Glasgow performance*.

Send them with your name and, if you'd like to be interviewed about the subject to

(I made a special email for this so it doesn't get mixed up with Fringe emails)

Then, repost this page wherever you might think other interested parties might see it.

*I am going to make charts with these word, and use them as a basis for my study.

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