Thursday, 19 June 2014

SICBA Awards 2014 Shortlist announcement: The Panel

It took a crack team of experts to do it, but SICBA (Scottish Independent Comic Book Alliance) has announced e the Shortlist for the 2014 Awards. On Saturday 5th July, 7pm – 9pm, at the CCA, the people who will be walking the red carpet and taking selfies with the fans have been named.

Of course, the most important people are the panel of experts who worked on the shortlists - and it was really hard work, having to read a load of comics. Let's introduce the panel...

Nicola Love: Comic book blogger and STV Journalist is a rare example of a writer who combines a sharp intelligence with a love of the sequential art form, and her coverage of comic book culture has helped maintain its presence in the mainstream media. She unfortunately forgot to mention the brilliant MC at the recent Issue One symposium, but has been a tireless champion of the medium and a vital critic within the community.

Little needs to be said of John McShane: Comic Book Specialist, except that Kevin Bacon plays two degrees of John McShane. Listing John's activities would take months, so watch out for his book about Burns, his curating of film festival strands and general activities around Shawland's Art Village

Craig Neilson: Review Editor – SICBA and Big Comic Page. As part of the team that keeps an eye on new releases, Neilson has a perfect position to speak of the aesthetic worth of comics. He is known for his collection of original artwork, affirming that sequential art can compete with painting when it comes to pure visual pleasure.

Francis McKee: Director of Centre for Contemporary Art brought his soft-spoken, yet fiercely intelligent, sensibility to the panel. Like McShane, McKee is at the centre of so much activity in Glasgow, it is hard to pick out a single thing, although his work on the archives of the CCA (and its former incarnations) is a relief for anyone who wants to research Sauchiehall Street's bohemian past.

Plus some other guy who needs a shave and less rampant egotism. 

These are the fourth annual awards, celebrating and promoting new creators in Scotlands expanding comic book industry.

The Voting for the shortlisted winners takes place by the public at Glasgow Comic Con on Saturday 5th July, with the Awards ceremony being hosted at CCA on the ceremony is free to attend, but ticketed.

SICBA 2014 Shortlist
Best Comic Book or Graphic Novel supported by CCA: Glasgow

Beginners Guide to Being Outside (published by Avery Hill Publishing Ltd.)

Crawl Hole (published by Craig Collins)

Crossing Borders (published by Rocket Puppy Press)

Dungeon Fun: Book One (published by Dogooder Comics)

The Standard #5 (published by ComixTribe)

Best Artist supported by Homecoming Scotland

Iain Laurie - And Then Emily Was Gone #3

Morag Kewell - Crossing Borders

Neil Slorance - Dungeon Fun: Book One

Best Writer supported by Black Hearted Press

Gill Hatcher - Beginners Guide to Being Outside

Colin Bell - Dungeon Fun: Book One

John Lees - The Standard #5

Best Cover supported by Williams Bros. Brewing Co.

Craig Collins, Iain Laurie and Derek Dow - Crawl Hole

Neil Slorance - Dungeon Fun: Book One

Jimmy Devlin - Saltire: Invasion

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