Monday, 22 October 2012

Frock On, Frock Off

Frock On Frock Off might be part of Glasgay!, but it appears to have emerged from Buzzcut - like the Glasgow Cabaret Festival, it is a festival within a festival that has been a festival within its own right. Not that Buzzcut is disappearing: they had a couple of nights at The Fringe (another festival within a festival) and there are rumours of a major alliance in the New Year. 

Promoters, or curators, Laurie Brown, Rosana Cade and Nick Anderson have set up a week long... if I have to use the word festival one more time... I am going to ask them about this festival business on the Radio Hour... hang on, Eric and I need to get across to the Studio soon...

Oh, here's what FOFO are offering. The events are all in Rose and Grants, the rather lovely coffee shop/cafe around the corner from the Tron...

24th + 25th October @ Rose and Grants, 7.30pm

Foxy - Fox Solo

I think we had Foxy on the Radio Hour last year - she appeared as part of a duo with Husk. I made the inevitable joke about her being foxy and probably played Jimmy Hendrix and looked smug about my radio brilliance. 

The good news is that Foxy is going it alone this year, and the description of her show involves "drinking alone" and "trying to win your love and affection". I am going to be watching closely, since this sounds like my weekends.

However, this is part of a double bill with...

Dame Fanny Day Glow - The Angina Monologues

Apparently Dame Fanny has been done for tax evasion and assault, and likes a wee sip of vodka. Yep, this one sounds like me, only the Dame has better songs and wigs than I have. 

26th + 27th October @ Rose and Grants, 7.30pm

Thank God, the second double bill sounds nothing like my life.

Tom Wells - Engage

A Mancunian tries to find something to connect himself to his father. Turns out to be more difficult than he's imagined... family disconnection? Nothing like me at all, that.

Lucy Hutson - Make Do and Mend Myself

Lucy, meanwhile, is all about domestic skills. Since I live in a pit, surrounded by comic books and bits of my existential novel about a critic who can't maintain a conversation without name-dropping someone he met at a party once and now claims as a friend, her stories of the well-laid table, pompoms and good housekeeping is going to be like an essay on how I ought to live.

28th October, The Sunday Bizarre @ The Glue Factory, 3pm - late:

An assortment of performative installations, interventions, homemade hot food, discussions, debates, film screenings and dragged-up party games brought to you by artists from across Britain... and of course Tranny and Roseannah!

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