Friday, 19 October 2012

2 Critics 2 Mental (5 at the Flying Duck)

EK: Mystique is reading minds, and she has bottles, and duct tape. This is worrying...

GKV: She is predicting which drink he has chosen..

EK: And now she is to be blindfolded, with duct tape, in order to 'see' what people are drawing on some blank pieces of paper she gave out earlier. Look out eyebrows?

GKV: How does this fit in with cabaret... Mystique is another example of a classic act, the mentalist, guessing what people have drawn while she is blindfolded. I am a bit worried about her on that stage with duct tape over her eyes and all that band kit around her... She is wearing a corset - is that cabaret? Or is it the resurrection of old popular acts... she's getting the answers right, though... is it about skills that don't fit anywhere else... variety... but you can't just say that cabaret is variety...

EK: Isn't that the circus element, though? Cabaret isn't about just performing a song or a burlesque dancer... Like you said, it's diverse. And sure, now that the mentalist is done, you can go off for a smoke till they set up for Dee Christopher.

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