Monday, 10 July 2017

Lay-Z Dramaturgy: Micky P Kerr @ Edfringe 2017

Micky P Kerr’s debut comedy show  ‘Lay-z’ will be at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival at the Just The Tonic Caves Wee One for the month of August for tickets go to

I suppose the inspiration for this performance came from a variety of sources. One is myself and my daily struggle with living in the modern world (my hatred for computers in particular).

The show looks at laziness, at first I considered my own but then as it took shape I began to look at laziness within society as well. I just read Yuval Noah Harari two books, they helped shape the show. If you've not read then books then I highly recommend you do. 

I became interested in making this performance a long time ago. Doing your debut Edinburgh show is something every comedian wants to achieve/experience. It had to be about something close to my heart so I chose laziness because I couldn't be bothered to think past the first idea I had. 

As it's my first show I just wanted to be me, sounds cheesy but it's the best way to succeed and it's also the easiest way to succeed. I sorted
my theme and then began to play around with ideas, read books and write songs. I hope it's a good representation of what I'd normally do on stage but I've also included some serious points, nothing to heavy but some 'food for thought' as they say.

I hope the audience have a great time and come out with a massive smile on their face. I hope they roll their heads back laughing but also come out with a slightly different perspective on a few things. There is a huge sing-along at the end, which ties a few things together and (I hope) warms everybody's hearts. I want the show to be funny, informative and also uplifting. 

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