Friday, 22 July 2016

Kitchen Cabaret Dramaturgy: JoJo Bellini @ Edfringe 2016

The Stand Comedy Club 2
Aug 4-14, 16-28 1.20pm

Join JoJo Bellini for a hilarious show filled with fun, food and the songs of Tom Jones.

What was the inspiration for this performance?
It is a reflection of the state of entertainment. Performance should be a celebration. Performance can also approach serious subjects and make audiences think on certain topics but first and foremost it is to entertain. The inspiration for me with Kitchen Cabaret was to create a silly, saucy show where we can all feel good for an hour and enjoy ourselves.

How did you go about gathering the team for it?
My team has been vast, singing lessons, consultations with cabaret artists, previews with friends and family. All people I have met through the industry have been instrumental in creating this piece

How did you become interested in making performance?
For me the interest in making performance has come from a need to share love and joy to people. To take audiences on a fun filled journey that takes them away from the horrors of the world. 

Was your process typical of the way that you make a performance?
First it comes with a ridiculous idea when I hear a song. Then before I know it there are 9 other songs that go with it (including ridiculous ways of performing it) that creates a show. With this show it all stemmed from the fact that I was listening to Thunderball by Tom Jones whilst blending soup in my kitchen. Then the idea to do a cabaret show where I cooked, sang and danced for the audience whilst singing the songs of my favourite singer Tom Jones was born!

What do you hope that the audience will experience?
Laughter and the pure joy of Jazz Hands

What strategies did you consider towards shaping this audience experience?
What the audience are doing, thinking and experiencing throughout the performance is important to me. With cabaret especially it is about the intimacy and trust you share with your audience. 

Do you see your work within any particular tradition? 
Most definitely with Vaudeville. A variety of hilarious and saucy things that produces great entertainment. 

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