Thursday, 28 July 2016

A Miserable Sod writes...

Regular readers - and people who have had to put up with me in real life - will know that I have a problem with the experience of community. I can give it a cod-academic analysis ('it's the commodification of being together', I moan, before stomping off to be a lone wolf in the corner). Look, I'm a critic. I'm not speaking for all critics, but the whole Hesse Steppenwolf scene is my jam.

So, with great reluctance, I admit: last night, in the CCA, Buzzcut's presentation of Christeene was a beautiful affirmation of a specific community. It was a great gig - despite being an ontological terrorist and incarnation of the same spirit that drove Iggy Grandpop when he was still a thing, Christeene is generous and compassionate. However, the atmosphere was the business. 

And that's kinda about what Buzzcut are doing at the CCA, with the monthly double thrills night. Okay, I hide in my office and drunk milk. Yeah, I like to stand at the margins. But when Christeene mentioned The Arches, and the crowd roared, and people hung about chatting about theory and stuff in Saramago and when Fallope and The Tubes swapped instruments... it was a scene. 

Of course, that doesn't mean there's no space for self-critique (really, filming Christeene's speech about getting out from behind the technology on a phone...) or a rigorous examination of privilege and all of that stuff... 

Yet I have to say: 'nuff respect to Buzzcut for making this space. You know something works when the staff at the venue are enjoying themselves. And all sorts of people digging the vibe (not just the usual suspects, who are cool). 

This post is a mark of respect to Buzzcut. 

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