Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Ruxy Cantir @ Flux

Although she doesn't have the same immediate, grotesque
Ruxy in the past
physicality of Red Bastard, Ruxy Cantir's Pickled Republic is clearly within the same bouffon tradition as Eric Davis' monstrous creation. 

Pondering her possible decline into the horror of old age as a stereotypical East European Woman, Cantir leaps and eats and talks and argues with herself, using a chance encounter on a bus to meditate on her own love of pickled food and the fashion choices that will someday condemn her. Her character is witty, engaging and playful: even when she contorts her body to represent her aged nemesis, she is charming and only slightly terrifying.

Ruxy in the future
The bouffon - the dark clown - has a reputation for aggression. Cantir turns this rage on herself, poking at her doubts, her fear of aging. Between the laughs and the pickles strewn across the stage, she addresses a common fear of slowing becoming the very thing she hates. While she draws on her roots in Moldavia, her thoughts are familiar. The bouffon brings the hidden to light, the usually unspoken prejudices, the unacceptable. 

More Cantir, please.

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