Sunday, 13 March 2016

Bound Dramaturgy: Lucy Hutson @ Buzzcut 2015

bound has three screens showing my growing
concept of gender and my changing perspective on my own gender expression spanning 5 years. these three films are a mix of interview style candid accounts of my life as a woman who looks like a boy and is confused by my breasts. 

As well as actions born out of the things I feels but don’t know how to explain. I am seen making a fire in full feminine evening ware. Planting tampons, dildos and turkey basters whilst hidden behind a beard and trying to create nature making my own tree with twigs and gaffer tape.

Can you tell me a little bit about the work that you are bringing to Buzzcut?
This is a show about the slippery nature of identities, the ones you give yourself, the ones forced onto you and the ones that were once strong and now you are just clinging on to. More specifically it’s a show about breasts, gender and using urinals. But mostly it is about baring all.

it consists of my being silent drawing the audience whilst 3 films play explaining how i feel about identity and gender in word and image 

What is it about Buzzcut that attracted you to perform as part of it?
i apply to everything

Do you see your work within any tradition - and are there any artists (performance and beyond) whom you regard as a peer or an influence?
i call it live art
i regard everyone else making live art a peer and about a third of them as an influence

How 'typical' is this work compared to other pieces that you have made? Did the process follow a familiar or new pattern?i work in several different ways i would stay its my style but a bit different maybe not as funny

Buzzcut is concerned with the idea of 'community'. Does community have a special meaning for you, and what relationship do you feel your work has within wider communities?i value organisations considering community and how to enable it i think its important

What are you hoping that the audience will
experience?something they can relate to or new perspectives that is interesting

Are there any strategies which you used to direct the audience experience towards this?i just talk about things

What is it about performance that enticed you - and kept you making it?
i wanted to go to drama school to be a Shakespearian actor but i read the prospectus wrong and ended up on a performance art course then disided i like it better i keep doing it because i don't have many skills to do anything else and it keeps me busy

Are there any questions you feel that I ought to ask to understand how dramaturgy works for you?

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