Tuesday, 8 March 2016

I am a Cultural Marxist!

Hello, I am a Cultural Marxist.

If I wore tee-shirts, I'd get one with a big picture of Foucault on it. I regard dialectic - conversation - as the basis of morality, philosophy, science, the whole thing.

I'm enthusiastic about people showing respect to each other - or political correctness as it is called by its opponents who like to shout and call it debate.

Intersectionality, in my opinion, is a fertile area for understanding how humans exist within society, and I support queer rights, gay rights, inclusive spaces, exclusive spaces, anti-racism, religious identity, various feminist causes.

I enjoy laughing at memes made by Men's Rights Activists. Especially when they spell words in an idiosyncratic manner. While I don't believe bad spelling invalidates an argument, I like a cheap joke at their expense.

I call myself a feminist - not an ally, because that implies that men
can't be feminists. However, I recognise that feminism is an ideology, a range of ideologies for that matter. And I love it when feminist atheists call out atheism for its failure to advance past base patriarchy. 

On this page, I have set links to a bunch of articles that I find 'problematic'. There's one which relates the legal defence of a paedophile footballer to feminist theory. This suggests that his lawyer identified the circumstances of the footballer's life encouraged his predatory behaviour, an inverse of the idea that women are inhibited by the social assumptions made about them.

There's a couple of pieces where leftists worry about the way that the left stifles debate. I think these are fair complaints, but not enough to reject the ideologies that they once embraced. The feminist who rejects feminist, for example, is allowing a particular idea of feminism to dominant the definition... rather than ignoring a strategy on the part of certain thinkers to claim that all feminism is like this. 

Then there's some mansplaining about 'having an opinion.' I'd like to add an article that mansplains the difference between chivalry and kindness (being an adult, I worked this one out myself), but I can't find it. 

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