Friday, 11 March 2016

Drone Dance Dramaturgy: Bob Moyler @ Buzzcut


Performances that splice myth, science fiction, folk, grotesque and the ridiculous. Bridging physical and fictional worlds and blurring the space between the extra-ordinary and the everyday.

Can you tell me a little bit about the work that you are bringing to Buzzcut?
Drone Dance is a cyborg performance featuring a non-humanoid robot vacuum cleaner and some humanoid performers. It’s essentially a dance class.

What is it about Buzzcut that attracted you to perform as part of it?
The buzz. I like the energy that surrounds the festival.

Do you see your work within any tradition - and are there any artists (performance and beyond) whom you regard as a peer or an influence?
Morris Dancing and folk performance have influenced my work. I danced the sun up during a season with the Mersey Morris Men. Charles Freger’s photos are pretty cool. I’m quite in to the bells. 

How 'typical' is this work compared to other pieces that you have made? Did the process follow a familiar or new pattern?
Collaborating with technology is a new thing for me. I believe this is the first time iRobot Roomba 533 has created collaborative performance with humanoids. Although, who knows?

Buzzcut is concerned with the idea of 'community'. Does community have a special meaning for you, and what relationship do you feel your work has within wider communities?
I would hope that my work resonates a sense of inclusiveness and belonging to and with wider communities. I create work influenced by ideas of folk tradition and communal performance. Done Dance is about welcoming non-humanoid technology into these communities in a way, and questioning technology’s place among us.

What are you hoping that the audience will experience?
An enjoyably challenging encounter with a hi-tech domestic appliance

Are there any strategies which you used to direct the audience experience towards this?

What is it about performance that enticed you - and kept you making it?
I don’t remember what enticed me, the magic probably. I keep on making it because that’s just what I do.

Are there any questions you feel that I ought to ask to understand how dramaturgy works for you?
What’s dramaturgy?

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