Monday, 21 March 2016

Oh, The Poetry!

Let me be clear: this is a time of aesthetic defeat.
Star rating performance's a market technique.
It reduces a play (or a comic, or stand-up routine)
To a series of tick-boxes, and saleable scenes.

I like theatre, I like visual art,
I champion strippers and various smart
Re-formulations of what performance can do.
I even like Batman and comic books too.

I work as a critic - look how I review!
I sometimes use theories and format askew
To get to the point I am trying to make
That I had an experience I'd like to relate.

So cast off the word count, the obsession with marks!
Join me in discussing the meaning of arts!
Sure, I've read Foucault (well, a phrase and a letter)
But whatever you're thinking is probably better.

The job of a critic is not to define
An absolute meaning (the idea's in decline)
But to start off an argument, to get people thinking
To give audiences something to say when they're drinking. 

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