Friday, 30 October 2015

Moving Out Symposium Live Blog 2 Leonie Bell

Leonie Bell (Creative Scotland)

Porous and open... the sector informs Creative Scotland's process... there is a ten year plan and five ambitions.

She is speaking very fast making it difficult to make notes.

Five ambitions

Excellence and Experimentation

It is all about quality. We need to get to a better place of understanding what has to exist for excellence to happen. We have to have experimentation to have excellence.

We may be facing uncharted waters... we have to encourage risk. Economic change is something we have to live with, there are massive population shifts across the world. To be brave... is of fundamental importance. We don't squash the arts into a series of outcomes... it has to be about the art first...

The closure of The Arches... that vast legacy... 

you have the right to a culture life that is not imposed upon you

artists have a civic role... we need better evidence... viz. 2014 Commonwealth Festival

Place based, community based, mix of professional and community performers.

Somehow I lost the second ambition... 


... community is repeatedly mentioned... people have ownership over the arts... 

Traditional but with the ability to evolve... international quality but located in the place.

She just quoted Lyn Gardner... arts administrations should be like town squares not monasteries...

The Workforce

Expert, resilient, et c... it is about people and buildings to support them.

e.g. The Briggait being supported by CS... to become a rehearsal space et c et c
e.g. NVA's St Peter's Seminary project
e.g. National Theatre of Scotland as Rockaville

Open to the rest of the word... connections are pivotal. 'We are an island, but... we do not operate in isolation.' 

Cultural diplomacy and soft power... celebrating difference and diversity, and the arts strategy recognises them.

Scotland the Brand's identity across the world.

Vile Note: people having ownership over the arts/culture is not the same as people owning their culture. How does this different inform the creative process and define the relationship between artist and audience.

Inclusion, community, challenging times, opportunity, innovation, 

four themes in CS
arts and civic society
Health, social work, infrastructure, context, artist at the heart, value of the arts.

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