Friday, 30 October 2015

Moving Out Symposium Live Blog 14: Bean and Mimiec


Light, time and memory. Used to take photographs... realised there was more fun in the bits inside a camera.
All his work relates to light. Has this camera obscura van... we all see upside down. So he reversed it. With screens around the caravan... cuts about the shop, had three and a half thousand people in this last 18 months...
Lie in the caravan and see the world outside on the ceiling. 
Guerilla Projections - next project - communities to make their own projections. having recognised his own habit of leading communities to his own intended end, he is trying to hand it over to the participants.

Lots of work in hospitals, working with young people confined to their beds...
Also did pieces on people's experience walking in a place... gift me... exchange of time for art.
Facilitate workshops... spaces for making... creating a public studio... gave the materials, let people come in and make the exhibits.
Moves into different institutions...

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