Friday, 30 October 2015

Moving Out Live Blog 3: Pierre Sauvageot

European Perspective

From Marseilles...

Some words about IN SITU... since 2003, with 20 partners in 15 countries... to build a long term network in Europe.

Common model, new forms of art in public spaces (aka street art)
Working with the artists in a European context... similar problems and questions in different parts of Europe... 

'When we begin, we focus on street art... now we focus on art which is working with the city'

Street art has different meanings in different countries. This is more than a matter of translation.

'the solution is with the artist'

The main question is the artistic quality... how  doesthis balance between rich and poorer countries?

Concrete Results... to create a community of artists through 80 co-productions, 100 'writing supports', 100 'mobility supports' on a platform running 2013 onwards...

Vile Note: From street art, a theatrical based form, IN SITU has expanded to include other art forms, including visual art etc.

Co-operation Process
side by side a common question
mentoring et c

Building new media for dissemination.

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