Saturday, 24 October 2015

Best Spam Ever.

Dear Gareth, 

Please assess the potential of using sea water irrigation and salt water loving crops for global (economic, fiscal and monetary) development, as well for fighting the worldwide still growing desertification and the attached declining national/global security/economy. 

The positive effects of economic desert greening for the world will be huge. As we’re talking here about a new potential/perspective for 1/3 of the global land mass (33% of the global land mass is deserts). Economic, fiscal and monetary this is about growing to an E 120 trillion global GDP level. And ecologic this is about bio restoration, bio diversity, etc. In desert greening economy and ecology can merge perfectly. 

It’s odd that while all total (active and inactive) fresh/sweet water resources only makes up 2.50 till 2.75% of earth’s water resources, our whole agricultural system is based on the use of fresh/sweet water. But it even gets more odd: only 0.01% of all global water resources can be used/accessed for the current fresh/sweet water crops based agriculture. At least something to re-think our current choice of crop types and irrigation sources. 

So it’s quite clear that we’ve bet too heavily on the wrong water card in global agriculture. Why? Because there are also salt water loving crops (halophytes is their species family name). A whole family of species in nature we’ve neglected too long due the fact that we didn’t know they exist and therefore we didn’t develop the way like we did with fresh/water loving crops. We as mankind could make a major leap forward on food/water resources if we would develop these species like we did with the fresh/sweet water flora/crops. 

We advocate to combine the existing huge global abundances (salt sea water, wide desert soils and huge biodiversity of crops available in salt water loving crops) and merge them into a) a global new economic cycle/century, b) a global ecologic/biodiversity revival, c) stopping almost all migration wave problems and d) eliminate almost all food/energy tensions/wars. 

First two basic questions regarding desert economics should be answered, otherwise going any deeper into this is useless: Question 1: Grows anything on salt water? Yes, abundantly. Just visit a sea side mangrove region in a warm climate and you will be surprised by the both flora and fauna abundance in and by salt water. Question 2: Ok, stuff grows well on sea water, but do commercial viable crops do? Yes, very good: the best known example is salicornia (for high grade proteins and oils): salicornia out of the deserts by the use of seawater can totally replace the global rain forests destruction production of soy (for proteins and oils). George Washington was also a salicornia farmer and he did well by it. 

Another issue is that worldwide many non-desert regions have huge salt underground water reserves that now can't be used now, while the current commercial agriculture crops mainly are sweet/fresh water based and totally can't handle saline/salt water at all. So this is not only a desert issue, it's a desertification issue, with much more impact than the 33% of the global landmass that is already desert. 

There's a third basic question that needs to be answered first too: will salt be build up in the soil and make the soil total dead for ever? The answer is no (otherwise we would have abandoned the concept immediately). Let me explain why there will no salt build up: harvested agri and aqua flora and fauna will remove salt, we only use underground micro tubes based irrigation (less evaporation), nighly dew depositing starts massively (flora are 3d surfaces and have temperature differences), the salt water is purely used as kick starter (as will start raining again), winds takes away some salt molecules too (like at oceans happens also) and NASA research did not find any salt build up (see the work of Dennis M. Bushnell, Chief Scientist at NASA's Langley Research Center on halophytes). 

Therefore enter your new narrative on the 21th century food/agriculture by just assessing the information below. Global game changers for the better. Build on existing yet not used huge abundances. The whole concept of desert greening by salt aquifer / sea water irrigation should be assessed first. You can find more on this on these locations (where the first link describes the whole concept this best in detail): 



Where this model is applied regular rainfall is returning, due increase of evaporation, increase of shadows, increase in nightly dew due to flora delivers multiple 3D surfaces. All these three change air flows and cloud formation and thereby precipitation, making fresh/sweet water based agriculture also possible again in these regions. Salt build-up of the soil is therefore no problem, the sea water is just used as a kickstarter to restore the natural non-salt-water cycle. 

Please let us know if we can support you anywhere in processing/merging this into the world's policies. I know for sure that if political leverage can be organized, it would boost these huge global desert changes tremendously. Sometimes politics just should set the direction, nothing more, nothing less. 

The whole concept design is done in a not for profit model. All the facets of supply, demand and finance of both realization and operation will be acquired in a transparent tendering model by market actors. Governments will steer. The global business community will perform in an open transparent way. A model in which all actors/stakeholders doing what they are good at. 

Water scarcity and desertification is not only a far of home Africa, Middle East and Central Asia issue: it's also for example a Californian, US Mid West or South European issue. It's a 33% global landmass issue. We need quickly salt water loving crops as an alternative. 

When this economic desert greening model will be implemented globally (or even only in the MENA region), the whole global economy will get a powerful decades long new cycle. The IMF will love it just for this reason. 

This new cycle to the global economy is needed hard, certainly in the maturing no-real-growth anymore economies of the nations of the Global West. As only in a new cycle those economies could re-structure their huge private debt burdens without the collapse that normally comes with that. And the governments of the nations of the Global West than also could re-structure their huge public debt burdens and lower their excess spending gradually/managed, without hard default risks that now are clouding the public debt skies all over the Global West. 

Than healthy/normal North/South and East/West relations will get traction again. But this time in a joint interests driven model (and not in the old imperial model). The North is maturing (no growth for decades), the South is emerging (fast growth for decades), they could and will benefit of each other economic specifications. 

The Washington Consensus aka Chicago Economics(austerity as market cure) has almost no influence at all anymore. The Beijing Consensus (investment as market cure) has taken over as main driver/direction of the global economy. If you want more on this: see the stagnation papers and productive capitalism papers on our website. 

Only the self-absorbed uni-power reactionary forces in some realms within the Global West (like PNAC successor FPI in the USA for example: still living somewhere in the 80ties and therefore still want to rule the world by power hegemony) don't see this changing playing field nor its benefits: but progress is making them irrelevant at fast pace. Some people/groups really need to wake up of their imperial/colonial dreams to the new/actual realities: uni-polar global hegemony is not possible anymore: these days are gone. 

The desert nations don't need geopolitical driven imperial drones and/nor bombs: they just need seawater pipelines and salt loving crops in a viable investment model. And yes, maybe the engineers of the armies of the world are willing to help to build them and bring rest if it are turbulent regions: a faster peace delivery than by realization of seawater pipelines is not possible. But this time based on equal/mutual interests and not as part of a imperial hegemonic system with a take on 'partners' as just vassals. Imperial/colonial looting is no longer a viable concept anymore. Selective funding violent opposition groups too. Occupation armies too. The 21st century is quite different than the 20th century. 

Want to make the world a better place (economic, ecologic or both)? Just merge huge desert areas, intense sunshine and salt water crops by this model. Supply and demand will rise tremendously. 

For all the believers in Al Gore's CO2 based fairytale/'science' (LOL: the man has always talked more than he has studied: quick talker / lazy researcher / no open minded debater): this model stores more carbon in the soil (permanent via crop roots) than any other system (and: at no economic cost but with economic profit). So although we don't believe in CO2 dangers: if you do: green the deserts by seawater irrigation. To explain our Al Gore critical position: We're not that much into Al's church: for convenience reasons Al forgot climate history (even recent periods), loves Excel and its hockey stick graph's possibilities, loves long ladders for presentations and beyond all of this: uses fear mongering (but unfortunately he just don't get the universe and it's influences that much). No one has harmed and will harm the green/circular economy movement more than Al (who of course thinks the opposite: that he saved the world: he is a politician). 

By the way: Science and politics should be strictly separated forces: when merged they don't build but just pollute each other. Just like corporations and politics should be strictly separated forces, media and politics, religion and politics (one man's believe is not the other man believe) and the military industrial complex and politics should be too. Montesquieu's trias politica should be extended with those five to an update actual eight forces version. Don't get fooled: we love science (much more than Al). We just don't love politicians who abuse science theories for their own agendas. Consensus and science are quite different/opposite concepts. If you want more on this: see the Sun/Earth Interactions paper on our website. 

(regional climates on earth are driven by the warmth distribution done by the ocean currents, which are driven in intensity and directions by earth's core activity, which is driven by solar core activity, which is driven by our journey throughout the Milky Way and the journey of the Milky Way throughout the universe: it's no rocket science: there's just no political gain in this, so it's not a favourable thesis for some) 

(global climates and ocean level rises/falls throughout history have been not that much determined by temperature, but more by variations in the size of the earth -which is not constant, nothing is constant, although we really wish that was the case- which is determined by intensity of the earth's core activity (heat expands volume as you know), which is driven by solar core activity, which is driven by our journey throughout the Milky Way and the journey of the Milky Way throughout the universe: this is also the explanation that the earth's crust is such a mesh of different layers, not everything is as stable as we want it to be: again it's no rocket science: there's just no political gain in this, so it's not a favourable thesis for some) 

(and yes, most oil corporations are in moral bankruptcy and behave like warlords using their nation's military apparatus to conquor energy supply/demand/transit markets: almost every military conflict on earth has an energy/resources or pipeline/transit background, even Syria, which started one month after the signing of the Iran/Iraq/Syria pipeline contract, and yes, urban/city air qualities are really bad, and yes clean energy is very much needed: so we're not in love with oil and its operators, nor paid by them) 

But for all the believers in global warming theory driven geo-engineering: this model enlarges the global water cycle tremendously (by evaporation, cloud formation and rainfall) more than any other model ever could do. There's no other way of such high volume cooling than this (and the beauty of it: it is based on solid market economics, not on burning oceans of governmental subsidies). So although we don't believe in geo-engineering (only nuclear is a not that valid 'concept' of it): if you do: green the deserts by seawater irrigation. 

And for the green/circular economy lovers who are afraid of any rise in (other people's) supply and demand: stop being reactionary too and get happy again: greener than this you can't get (bio restoration, bio diversity, free of GMO patents that extorts all farmers worldwide of a large part of their harvest income, family farms with a good income, etc: you name it: the model got it). Also don't worry on over-population: the world population will first stabilize and than shrink after 2050: prosperity delivers smaller family sizes. 

Don't get fooled by this all: we're green/circular economy lovers to the max: greener than green. But we love viable economics (combining green transition and the market is one of our objectives), fiscal self-restriction (more public debt, nor more taxes is not viable: self-restriction is needed: starting with the easy low hanging fruit: stopping all geopolitical i.e. energy pipeline driven proxy-war madness) and sound monetary systems (the flood of 'trickling down' QE since 2008 has never reached Main Street, it was almost all absorbed by Wall Street just to stay afloat i.e. in business, it's time for 'percolating up' models like EQE/EBS and the other 'percolating up' similar models we developed that deliver real economic activities) as well. 

What we all want? Green/clean, rest/peace and safety/security, with lower taxes and less government. Getting this is as easy as putting non-subsidized solar panels on every roof and wall (possible now solar power has become cheaper than grid power). It's no rocket science. Nor ideology. Just smart. Like desert agriculture by the use of sea/ocean water irrigation is. Green isn't necessary / doesn't always equal leftish big gov (that's just one flavor of green, there are more) or right wing corporate welfare (wind energy for example is one big corporate welfare festival: most windmills operate on subsidies, not on wind). Green/sustainable/circular is just re-thinking the things we do and than doing it more wisely/smartly. Maybe environmentalism should not be hijacked by the extreme left, nor the extreme right, maybe it just should be rational on all fronts: maybe it's time for a less sensational and less extremes driven approach. Let's make ecology friends with economic health, fiscal health and monetary health. 

Our EQE/EBS monetary models are studied by central banks all over the world and probably will become the monetary foundation of all currencies within a decade (as they make sence: connecting the monetary system with the energy system, delivering monetary stability, energy security and a clean environment). Our no-subsidies based open source solar/PV finance models are studied by both governments and financials and are study material on many universities too. Etc, etc, etc. 

Good models don't need the pseudo science based fear mongering stories of Al, nor the (time after time proven wrong) dark scarcity visions of Malthusianism to convince you. We think both these movements are just harming severely the development of a green/circular/clean economy/world/future. Lies are no foundation to build on. Maybe we like public interests above excessive personal wealth accumulation (a concept Al maybe should try out too). 

Let's do this. Be a part of it. Talk about it. Write about it. Email about it. Pin it. Facebook it. Twitter about it. Publish about it. 

Yours sincerely, 

Gijs B. Graafland. 

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