Friday, 30 October 2015

Galoshans Festival: Moving Out Symposium Live Blog 1

Arts and Public Engagement

Radical content and integrity of purpose... a debate that has been running for the best part of three decades...

an exploration into the innovative but often challenging range of art taking place outside conventional venues....


Neil Butler (UZ) Based in Scotland sine 1994
The Context, Bringing together some strands

'This is the Beacon Arts Centre - a fabulous location...'

Galoshans is specific to Greenock. It means 'guising'  young people performing to each other at Halloween - the Americans nicked the idea for trick or treating.

Halloween a time when two worlds touch (the supernatural and the natural).

International Festival embedded in this place here

Joseph Beuys who inspired George Wylie who inspires the festival.

in-situ a European network

Suramedura  a residency in an area devastated by the tsunami 

Work that needs the public to make it happen

Many different ways to engage with the public

Art in public spaces

The Tobacco Warehouse a location that is going to be handed over to artists/creativity by Greenock council. As part of the weekend, the space will be used for some exhibitions.

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  1. I see the words moving around on the page and can't really understand what's happening. The sentences don't seem to connect for me. Perhaps only applicable if you tuned in?