Sunday, 5 July 2015

Wastin' Dramaturgy: Kat Woods @ Edfringe 2015

The Fringe

What inspired this production: did you begin with an idea or a script or an object?
After seeing Belfast Boy at last years fringe, the founding members of No Prophet theatre, Serena Jennings and Will Merrick approached me and asked would I write something for them for this years Ed Fringe. 

They felt really strongly about the issue of 'non consensual sex' and the level of which this is influenced by alcohol intake. We met and spoke through some ideas and from there I wrote 'Wasted'.

Why bring your work to the Edinburgh Fringe?
I fell that the Edinburgh fringe is the perfect platform for new writing and getting a production seen by the right people.

What can the audience expect to see and feel - or even think - of your production?
I have tried to write the play so that the audience leave divided and it starts a debate/discussion as to what the outcome is. Wasted is based on a night out and at one stage you should feel that you side with one party but then towards the end of the play you will have switched. 

This play is based on real events and it should give the audience an insight to what can potentially happen on a night out where drink is the main component in memory loss and a one night stand/ non consensual sex.

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