Monday, 27 July 2015


Press Release: 

Tate Postmodern invites you to visit our immersive gallery to become a part of your very own performance art piece.

Masked before entry, the audience are centre stage and the performance is carried out with and around them. There is no stage; visitors are free to explore as our characters, from security guards to curators, come to life.

Each audience member will have an individual and unique experience, and no two will see the same show. Upon entering, visitors are split into two distinct tours and may take a foray around the art with curator Fenella, or find themselves exploring everything from plug sockets to postcards with security guard Neil. They are later left free to roam our space of their own accord: our gallery is fully functioning in itself, and features a collection of postmodernist works bringing together the best of Institutional Critique, pastiche, and parody. Visitors can view art, chat with characters, read the curator’s emails, try an audio headset, and be part of the developing plot.

Tate Postmodern is a satire of the art world exploring the consumption of art. The production uses Theatre of Cruelty to launch an Institutional Critique on the gallery space. It seeks to strip down the perceived neutrality of art gallery and observer to examine how art is processed and consumed. It pushes the boundaries between spectator and image; objectivity and subjectivity; theatre and reality.

No Fixed Abode is a Cambridge-based comedy and theatre group of performers, writers, and artists. They have produced stand-up nights, sketch shows, plays and film in both Cambridge, and Edinburgh.

‘Outrageously playful...damn good show’ Tab 

‘An innovative, promenade experience’ To Do List, featured on “40 unmissable shows”

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