Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Freedom of Speech week: Tim Farron's Faith, by Mad Cyril

Let me tell you what the biggest danger to freedom of speech is in the UK. It's the farkin media, innit? Under the false guise of objective reportin, they follow their own agenda, gettin inta arguments abaht stuff that ain't even close ta the public innerest.

I usta like Channel 4, growin up as a little shaver. Late night art films, plenty of exotica talent, if ya know what I mean. Queen's speech done by a real queen at Christmas (they had that Quentin Crisp on one time, I fink). Could be relied upon to have a bit of the other on - comedies like Desmond's, No Problem. Loving it.

But here's their latest - some chat abaht whether that new Lib-Dem leader hates gays because he is Christian. Strike a light, I'm not sayin that fundamentalists are ever the sharpest tools in the box - taking anyfin literally's a mug's game. 

So, this Tim Farron got the word from the rest of his gang, and suddenly he's getting asked about his religious beliefs. Specifically, as a evangelical Christian, does he think that homosexuals are sinners? Idiot refuses to answer, points to his voting record, Channel 4 News has a special session about it.

They get a secular member of his party and a psychiatrist (whom they make a point of introducin as a former basketball playa (me, neither)). They toss around a few ideas, the main one bein that Tim's voted the right way when it comes to gay marriage, anutha bein his right to have Christian beliefs and be a politician. Someone shouts witch hunt and the segment ends. Roughly that.

Here's the thin. Tim does think that homosexuals are sinners. If he's been readin his Bible, he thinks everyone is a sinner. There's this bit right at the front of the book, says how all humans are condemned to sin because this bloke Adam was naughty. It's the whole point: humans are sinners. 

It's a bit pessimistic and all. Luckily, Jesus came along and redeemed everyone. So it worked out in the end.

In short - asking him what he reckons about any group of people bein sinners misses the point. A better question would have been - 'given your religious beliefs, Mr Farron, do you regard people of a hom'sexual persuasion to be inferior to hetties?'

Because the answer to that would be no, I reckon. Yuman Rights are not some special thing that're only available to the sinless; if they were, only Jesus could have them. Even The Pope would have to shut his yap. 

Fundamentalist Christianity, which I think is a heresy anyway, has had a bit o' a 'abit of goin all socially conservative. But Farron said he is a Liberal Democrat. A Liberal. See?

It'd great if the news could call the politicians to account on something that mattered now and again, eh?

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