Friday, 24 July 2015

Freedom of Speech: this is where it started

Although I haven't watched all of his videos - and I am waiting to find the one where he explains why feminists are dumb or religious people shouldn't be allowed to vote - but CGP Grey sounds like a rare voice of reason on YouTube.

My late night trawling of th'internet (see, it is constructive, not illicit) led me to this little piece, which might not tell me anything I wasn't vaguely aware of - it is basically the meme theory of ideas - but does clarify a frustrating phenomena: why do idiots get all the hits on blogs and that?

Grey's argument explains both why The Amazing Atheist is an ally of feminism and how the debate about Free Pride and Safe Spaces has turned into a whole another thing.

Given the information, handed to me in this video, I am now going to spend the afternoon crafting a blog post to see how angry I can make everyone. If you have been directed to this post by me, it's because you made a statement in connection with the special post, which is an experiment in mimetic distribution and mutation.


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