Sunday, 5 July 2015


As my regular reader will remember, I have a habit of starting things off and forgetting about them: Mad Cyril's reviews, the Dead Philosopher Chat Shows, the Michael Moorcoock inspired critical novel in blog-size episodes. However, I am determined that my Vile Prizes competitions do not fall by the wayside.

So I am delighted to announce that the Vile Arts can announce the first winners of the Dramaturgy Database can be announced. Of course, all the artists who have submitted their answers are winners. But three people are getting the first set of prizes.

These prizes were meant to be for the first three people who answered some questions about the database. But that didn't work, so I am awarding the prizes to the funniest comments I got in response to my quiz.

All three responses involved comments about wanting my stuff, making the assumption that all of my CDs and books would be good. Just wait until you get the Oasis CDs and the science fiction novels.

The prizes are going to

Maxwell Maus (cool Art Historian and one of the Best Dressed people I know).

Louise Ahl (The Ultimate Dancer and Glamorous Intellectual).

Paul Michael Henry (Glasgow Butoh Engineer and Devilishly Handsome Mystic).

They can come and pick up their prizes from around the back of the first floor toilets in the CCA any day this week... except Tuesday. There will be a special ceremony, and maybe a guest presenter, if Sha Nazir (Creator of Laptop Guy and Beautiful Father) isn't too exhausted after Comic Con 2015.

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