Monday, 23 February 2015

You Need Tough Love

Although Tough Love is on in Edinburgh, it has the sparky iconoclasm that Glasgow used to have, before the city council realised that art could be a tourist attraction. It takes its cues from the 'Scratch Night' (an event that features works in progress and theatre as it is being made), but curator Lewis Sherlock is going for a more... dynamic... audience engagement. 

19th March 7.30pm
Woodland Creatures, Leith Walk, Edinburgh.

Cost: Pay what you want.

Tough Love is a social event blended with an alternative Scratch Night. It offers a platform for performers and makers to try out new and risky ideas, with attendees deciding if they're worthy of attention.

Forget the formality, feedback and function of the ordinary scratch event. You need pay no heed if what happens is not of interest to you and are welcome to try an assortment of distractions for your pleasure. Our performers are self reliant risk takers who have applied for the chance of indifference. The feint hearted will not be accepted. They crave your Tough Love.


Voice Box Theatre
Escape from Wonderland

Trapped on the wrong side of the looking glass, Alice is desperate and determined to escape. This sick circus variety number will be shocking and might be offensive to some.

Voice Box Theatre has been providing beginner to professional support, training and performance opportunities to circus practitioners and performing artists since 2009. They are a multidisciplinary company, dedicated to creating experimental and challenging performances, along with having as much fun as possible. That said, this is not a typical example of their work and we expect to be surprised.

PUNCH'N'JUDYMANby Calum MacAskill

A durational walkabout-installation
performance exploring nostalgia and primal fears. Let the PUNCH'N'JUDYMAN bring back your childhood days of Summer... and despair.

Since graduating from the Adam Smith Physical Theatre Diploma course, he has also created and performed in many large costume solo performances at the Arches, Glasgow and Summerhall, Edinburgh, his most noteworthy to date being MINOTAUR/MONITOR which utilised a massive bull-head mask to explore mental/physical disability and emasculation through Greek myths.

by David Gillan:

"Illusions commend themselves to us because they save us pain and allow us to enjoy pleasure instead. We must therefore accept it without complaint when they sometimes collide with a bit of reality against which they are dashed to pieces"

- Sigmund Freud

David Gillan is a performance maker and
designer who combines art and illusion to look at a plethora of social, philosophical and psychological issues.

David also works as a professional magician and is currently studying Contemporary Performance Practice at Glasgow's Royal Conservatoire.

'Who/Here' by Rebecca Green

Who/Here is an interactive performance poem based on a list of questions that the people in the room are invited to answer by raising their hand.

Finally, the work of Klaus Pinter in the form of activities to thoroughly distract you as an audience member- bringing subversive in a way that defies the usual art practice, Pinter brings you 'Project Dance.

Klaus Pinter, born in 1940 in Schärding / Upper Austria, was co-founder of the Haus-Rucker-Co. (Vienna, Dusseldorf) and Haus-Rucker-Inc. (NCY). After seven years of New York and perennial stays in Bonn and Belgrade Pinter lives in Vienna and Paris.

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