Monday, 23 February 2015

BEHAVIOUR FESTIVAL 2015: 8th April – 17th May 2015

Lucy Mason, Acting Artistic Director of The Arches:

“There’s no question that last year was a monumental one for Glasgow. As ever though, we’re looking forward, marching onward and, because it’s BEHAVIOUR, getting wayward. In this, the sixth year of the festival, we invite artists and audiences to respond to a changing world, exploring their visions of- and for- The Future.”

Behaviour has become a highlight in the Glasgow performance calendar over the past six years. I'll try to ignore any hyperbole, because it is all about 'expanded theatre' and 'live art', which deserves serious appraisal not wild claims. 

2015 being Glasgow City Council’s Year of Green, there is a clear environmental strand to the festival and BEHAVIOUR has teamed up with and the Botanic Gardens for an off-site work with Amy Sharrocks which considers our relationship with water. Forest Fringe co-founder Andy Field will present a project with Blackfriars Primary School, which provokes questions about the future of our urban landscapes.

I regard myself as being up on what is going on in Glasgow but has anyone heard that 2015 is the Year of Green? I have seen nothing to make me think that it is... 

Interrogating our cultural trajectory are Platform 18 Award Winner Ishbel McFarlane, BEHAVIOUR favourites Gob Squad and Japanese contemporary artist Sako Kojima, all digging into cultural futures. Peter McMaster and Christopher Brett Bailey present extreme, energetic work that explores human nihilism.

Hold on. What the hell does 'interrogating our culture trajectory' mean? I know what 'our' means - this is something to do with 'us'. In fact, I know what the words mean by themselves. Together - is it something to do with looking at the way our society is moving? 

Are 'cultural futures' a thing now? That's enough for the moment. Bored with the hyperbole. Gob Squad are great - intelligent and playful, a combination that I love, while Pete McMaster was behind the successful reconstruction of Wuthering Heights, so that has my attention. I'll find out more about the other artists in the next few weeks, I guess. 

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