Wednesday, 4 February 2015

How to put your event on the List website!

If you have discovered this page, it is because you want to put an event on The List's website - it's not that I don't love you enough to do it for you, but I am a busy guy (look how often I post on my blog), and I adhere to the principle of 'give a man a fish... et cetera'. If you live in Glasgow mind, and are willing to come to the CCA and buy me a coffee and maybe a cake, I'll show you in person.

Anyway, let's start. Get over to The List and look for the special yellow button. The one that says Add an event. Click on it.

Now the magic begins! You get this screen...

Now you can sign in: I am going to do it with my Facebook account. But this page has got a few interesting things, too... might be worth clicking on the pdf called why submit an event to The List?

Let's move on! I clicked 'Sign in with Facebook'. I got this screen!

It knows my name and everything! I am going to put in an event, and click continue...

I went for The Typist because I am looking forward to it.

It is already in the listings, so I can just click Yes, this is it. But if it isn't there, scroll down to the bottom and hark! A chance to add your show...

 Click on No, it's not one of these.

I have done the hard bit for you. I might add some more help later, but I have comics to deface and stupid ideas to promulgate. Happy listing!