Saturday, 21 May 2016

Why I Don't Think Much of Kate Tempest

Back in the day, once upon a time
Rappers dropped science, making knowledge rhyme.
Everything gets diluted, you never would have guessed
We used to have a GURU, now we're left with Kate Tempest.

See her on the telly, watch her close her eyes and gurn.
She's pointing out the obvious, the people never learn.
Capitalism's bad okay, it's a damn oppressive fact:
Better just to rap it out and never have to act.

That's right, your art is just a bourgeois ploy
Condemning daily pleasures that other people might enjoy.
"The failure of religion has left a God-shaped hole
Now getting fame and money is your existential goal."

But never fear, this emptiness is easily assuaged
Poets are the preachers in the dying modern age.
Never trust authority, and when you make a fuss
The first people that need taking down are those who speak for 'us'.

When Tempest knocks it out the park, appearing on TV,
Try to remember that she speaks for 'her' not 'we' or 'me'.
It's not exactly news or a shocking deep insight
That celebrity and capital have got us eating shite.

Instead of aping gestures of the prophet or the priest
Consider your subjectivity and ask yourself at least
Of assumptions you are making, of the things you so declaim
You ignore the hope of freewill in your thin attack on fame.

I suppose there is a purpose in pointing out the bad
To make a link between the world and why you're feeling sad.
But if you have a platform and a chance to tell and show:
Do me a fucking favour, tell me things I just don't know.

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