Friday, 6 May 2016

The Vile Arts Activism Hour

Now, as I barely understand it - I never got to the end of Being and Nothingness - the consequences of my decision not to vote (or, writing an erotic story on my ballot paper instead of ticking some boxes) are the same as those for people who did vote. 

However, in order to rebalance my conscience, I would now like to perform an hour's worth of activism. I'll put this to a popular vote. Who has an idea for an activity, that takes about sixty minutes, that would count as a political intervention? I'll pick one suggestion and do it next week.

Since I am going to get plenty of people telling me to do various auto-erotic physical impossibilities, here are a few guidelines.

I won't join or work directly to the benefit of any political party.

I won't do anything illegal or that will put me, or anyone else, in danger.

I don't sign petitions, or repost them or social media.

I am keen to: protect the NHS; advocate for LGBT and especially queer rights; support environmentalism, education or religious liberty.

If no-one suggests anything, my apathy is not the problem.

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