Tuesday, 17 May 2016

It's Road Force!

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Over on Tempo House, I suggested that Road Force could be nominated for the worst comic ever. I also insisted that I would not look up other issues of the comic, and that they had a character called R.A.D.D. (a good twenty years after the two minutes that was, like, gnarly, dude).

The second and third points are lies. I am obsessed with Road Force, and R.A.D.D. was the name of an entire team of Harley-Davidson riding heroes. And they had a way cool adventure with Iron Man, in which Kang invades the earth because he wants to get hold of some Harley-Davidsons. 

I least I think that's the plot. It doesn't matter. 

Road Force are an example of Marvel's Custom range: 'business solutions' for businesses who think a comic book would play well with their customers. I'm hoping that a major political party decides that this would help them expand the youth vote.

Living Lightning in the Origin of The TRUMPeters, perhaps?

one for the dads
Ah, there's little to say about the second Road Force adventure. Iron Man, explosions, a new team (one has the code name Pyra Pavee, which I can't understand. It's just a name, right?), some more explosions, and no change in any continuity. You see, there is no way Marvel is going to allow these Custom comics to matter.

War Machine introduces the BERNers, maybe?

Even within the limitations of the form, it's difficult to work out whom Road Force intends to please. The level of plotting is low (there's a flying magic castle, Kang camping it up, Tony Stark looking like he needs a dump in most panels), the motorbikes aren't that cool (they have guns on the front which make funny noises). One of the characters is called Backfire, which isn't what you want your Harley to do, is it? 

The Amazing Spider Ham meets Call Me Dave?

It's that special moment, where lazy writing meets corporate tomfoolery meets lack of purpose that makes Road Force so special. I wonder how many really expensive motorbikes got sold on the back of this? Maybe a few t-shirts? It's not that comic characters are sacred, but even war profiteer Tony Stark must have felt a bit dirty after this...

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