Sunday, 1 May 2016

I turn out not to be a pervert and feel disappointed

Seriously, right, there's this guy and he lives with two dolls - sex dolls he bought off the internet - and he has made up stories about he met them and advocates for their rights.

And he gets interviewed and people listen to him. I am not sure there is any point in queer identity when this kind of thing is part of the public sphere. I mean, I've got a few kinks I don't like to mention in public, but I am an amateur compared to this character.

I don't want to be judging him, but that look on his face is totally I will kill again. He is way too pleased with himself. I suppose all he is doing is taking commodification of sexual desire to its logical conclusion. 

If I were Sargon of Akkad, I'd probably make a video, and shout at every sentence, but I imagine most of my readers can manage this for themselves. Apparently, he's a technosexual. He never sees this just as objects. They are better than humans - the sex is amazing, and they'll never cheat on him.

I'm sure there is a Batman story where Clayface hides in a department store to live with a mannequin. 

Articles about technosexuals make me wonder whether there's any point in 'queer' anymore. I had my Queer Club Card taken off at an Arika event, when an earnest young man assured me that it meant 'political gayness'. I adopted the term during the early 1990s, when I remember reading Jarman's autobiography. He describes an identity that is sexual, full of libidinal revolutionary fervour, and counter-cultural. It had a sense of danger, of being marginalised, bullied and otherness. 

The point seemed to be, alongside the descriptions of life and love in WS Burrough's Queer, that some lifestyles are not ready to be made into a commodity. This was fuelled by a refusal by the mainstream - and this includes the homonormative press - to accept the lifestyle, and demonise it. This resistance was encouraged by gay men and women who felt alienated in the punk scene, having turned up expecting acceptance, and the antics of the USA government in response to HIV/AIDS (and the media: headlines included GAY PLAGUE and so on).

Queer fought to be heard, but if it has got its own festivals in the high street, and that haircut can discuss how he likes to fuck bits of plastic because they won't tell him to have a shower first, I think the game's up. There is no meaning in being queer, because everyone is listening to everything. Maybe it is just the internet's satiable thirst for sensation, or maybe it is a good thing that any sexual taste can be discussed in the public sphere.

I don't know. But he's a creepy looking geezer. 

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