Friday, 13 May 2016

Grindin' Dramaturgy: Kim Khaos @ Southside Fringe

Kim Khaos and Tom Harlow present The Glitter & Grind Revue, a burlesque and cabaret extravaganza starring the creme de la creme of variety and burlesque. 

Join us as we hark back to the golden era of cabaret with the most glittering acts Scotland has to offer and beyond with the launch of Glasgow's newest and most fabulous night The Glitter & Grind Revue

We shall also be having a fabulous raffle, and dressing up is highly encouraged! So bring out your glad rags and find your most fabulous frock because it always pays when you dress to impress. 

What was the inspiration for the evening?

The Glitter & Grind Revue harks back to a forgotten age of illicit cabaret - we are bringing the creme de la creme of the Scottish and international cabaret circuit to the heart of Glasgow. We also wanted to bring a big show back to Glasgow - aside from the wonderful Gatsby Club the large scale productions have all but disappeared from our scene so we're bringing it back, baby!

How did you go about gathering the line up for it?

Tom and I have worked together for a long time and have discussed the idea of a big show a lot, so when the Southside Fringe put the call out, we decided to finally put our money where our mouths were and do it. We've worked with so many incredible performers within Scotland and across the country, so it was really a case of matching up everyone's skills into a cohesive and explosive line up!

How did you become interested in cabaret and burlesque?

I started producing small burlesque shows for charity when I was 18 and just fell in love with the art form. From there, I started producing stand alone shows and hosting them and working at other shows. It was at Dolly Tartan's La Cheetah shows that I felt most at home and on my 20th birthday I stepped on stage with Dolly herself and performed a burlesque double act and lo Kim Khaos was born!

Was your process typical of the way that you make a performance?

I can get inspired by the most bizarre things! A lot of my acts are
based on movies of people - for example two of my core acts are based on the works of Tarantino and Elizabeth Taylor respectively. I also find inspiration in nature and have an upcoming act based on the beautiful Quetzal bird of the Amazon. 

It's all of these quirky elements and inspiration that we have put into the show - no two acts are the same and have their own unique inspirations - what unites everything is the high quality and polish of each performer - they're all incredible.

What do you hope that the audience will experience?

We hope the audience experiences all of the fantastic things our wonderful mad, bad glittery world of cabaret has to offer! It's an opportunity to escape from the more mundane aspects of 'real life' and just kick back and be entertained for a couple of hours. We're highly encouraging people to dress up and make themselves feel as fabulous as we know they all are!

What strategies did you consider towards shaping this audience experience?

We have hand picked each performer and the acts that they will be doing on the night, so we have every confidence in the strength of our line up. The performers are all of the highest caliber and will charm and delight the audience with their fantastic skills! We are also putting together some finishing touches to the venue to make it as opulent as we can to add to the atmosphere of grandeur!

Do you see your work within any particular tradition?

As Tom has mentioned, we have based the foundations of this production on the old school variety/cabaret shows of the past and hope that we can create a similar atmosphere of excitement, shock and awe held by those kind of shows. Above anything else we want our audience to have a fantastic time and leave with a smile on their faces.


Havana is a shimmy shakin', earth quakin' whirlwind of an international burlesque sensation. She is currently #29 in the Burlesque Top 50 performers of the world and #5 in the UK top 20. Havana has literally taken the world by storm having performed all over the UK, Europe, America and Australia this bombshell will captivate you and have you eating out of her hand, she is a force to be reckoned with!

This international dirty showboy with be your chanteur and MC for the evening bring his unique blend of showtunes & FILTH! 

kim-khaos-by-mark liddell
The Glass girl from Glasgow and co - producer of the Glitter & Grind Revue will be teasing for your delight. This multi talented and skilled ecdysiast has graced some of the UK's best loved stages and will have you bewitched by her beguiling ways. 

Cabaret's most glamourous yet odd couple with be soothing your soul with their sweet melodies. Leggy and Charlie are the UK's most loved duo and always add a little sparkle and twinkle to the night that will surely have you singing along all night. 

Cabaret's one woman weimar wonder with a tongue as sharp as her saw and more sass than Mae West could have ever hoped for. She will have you swoon then gasp and finally leave you begging for more. 

From the mouth of Brahma came the 1st puppeteer; from the mouth of madness came Jack Squat. He brings your worst nightmares into full glorious technicolour but all wrapped in a child like whimsy. 

She is your rockabilly rebel and the perfect pinup just waiting to cause a scandal. She is a rising star on the Scottish scene and beyond and is sure to win you over with her winning smile and sultry yet scandalous striptease. 


Early bird tickets = £8 
(available till April 30th)
Advance tickets = £10
Price on the door = £12

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