Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Wendy Hoose

Photograph by Eamonn McGoldrick

The creative forces of Birds of Paradise & Random Accomplice are back by popular demand with the frank and hilarious sex comedy - Wendy Hoose.

After two sell out tours in 2014, this ‘gorgeous, cheeky and outspoken’ (Scotsman) production is back and taking on the Fringe!

The acclaimed smash hit comedy follows the story of Laura and Jake. 

Who just want sex. 
Late Friday night drunken sex. 
Nothing more. No strings attached. 

But getting your leg over is sometimes more difficult than you think. 

Containing strong language and scenes of a sexual nature, Wendy Hoose is the story of two twenty year-olds searching for love in all the wrong places! 

Especially when those places involve the fickle and flirty world of dating apps.

Wendy Hoose, directed by Robert Softley Gale and Johnny McKnight, joins Jake (James Young – The Incredible Adventures of See Thru Sam, Slick, Outlander) on his quest for some late night fun with Laura (Amy Conahan – Skeleton Wumman, Let’s Talk About Sex) via a mobile phone dating app. All is going well thanks to some sexting, but things take a twist when it comes down to the nitty gritty, and the course of true love, or in this case sex, does not run smoothly.

Johnny McKnight, Co-artistic Director, Random Accomplice added: “We wanted to make a comedy about the nightmare that is dating today. Trying to negotiate dating and drinking on a Friday night is hard enough - throw a Tindr or Grindr into the mix and there's potential for a story that you're going to share for months to come. Wendy Hoose is one possible story.”

All performances include audio description, BSL & animated surtitles in the comedic style of the show.

Wendy Hoose is part of the Made in Scotland Showcase.

Wendy Hoose was nominated for a Critics Award for Theatre in Scotland 2014 in the Best Technical Presentation category.

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