Tuesday, 30 June 2015


It's competition time at The VileArts!

The assembled gang inside Vile's head (Mr Criticulous, Mad Cyril, Derrida's Ghost, you know the names) have been pushed to one side as Vile tries to give himself another breakdown by creating a dramaturgy database. He reckons he will be doing, single-handedly, more previews than Broadway Baby and The Herald combined. 

There's something wrong with that boy.

Anyway, in order to make his life easier when he gets evicted out of his house, he's running a competition. He's got loads of CDs that he won't be listening to again, and plenty of books that he won't ever get around to reading. They are a right mish-mash, so he is offering them up as competition prize.

Just link these statements to the artists who said them, and you could win one of the following prizes...

First Prize: Five random CDs and 2 Books
Second Prize: Ten random CDS and 4 books
Consolation Prize: He'll take you to see something at the theatre. And give you 20 CDs.
Gareth, yesterday. Sexy, but likely to kill again.

Anyway, put the answers underneath the post, in the comments bit. Or email thevilearts@gmail.com. Whatever you like, really.

The questions:
Who Said:
you can expect to see John in a dress. You can expect a pretty amazing live score played on the accordion by Jo Eagle

The most daunting challenge of making a one-person play is loneliness

Other artists that influenced the production in different ways include PJ Harvey and Marina Abramovic

I have to go back and look up dramaturgy again

I don't see myself within any tradition

Fear, anger, frustration, envy, all these emotions are present in all of us

They will see a giant Pringle eating woman, a tiny man locked in fridge, a leopard coated cougar and a machete wielding maniac all centred around a twisted love story

I steal all my ideas off other people

Out of
Lee Coffey
Kev Sutherland
Butoh Medea
Bob Slayer
The Lonely Poet
Winsome Brown
Tangram Theatre
Annie Ryan

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