Tuesday, 23 June 2015


HEIST are an innovative space championing fine-art photography in the London arts scene, and are one of the only spaces in London to do so. Each exhibition sees the space transformed with performance art, interior design and food curated to each set of works.​

Since launching in 2014, HEIST have held innovative exhibitions which have seen the hosting space transformed. 

Previous exhibitions and works have included

·HEIST - Launch Exhibition, featuring Thierry Van Biesen and Dean West
·Marc Legrange, solo exhibition​
·The Road To Elysium, featuring AES+F, Melvin 
Sokolsky and Madame Peripetie
·Origins, featuring Rankin and Jimmy Nelson

​​HEIST's unique concept of an anti-gallery offers its audiences:

·An experiential and immersive experience

·A unique ​combination of performance art and interior design, creating​ a bespoke experience

·A removal of the divide between artists and collectors, creating a new focus on the story behind the art

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