Saturday, 20 June 2015

Blundabus @ Edfringe

“What’s a BlundaBus?” I hear you ask…

It’s a subversive double-decker of creativity and joy!

Via Leicester, Livestock Festival, York… The BlundaBus is a bar, venue and an all-encompassing experience that can pop up at festivals, breweries, your house – Anywhere it’s invited and Everywhere it’s not!

Heroes @ Bob’s BlundaBus (Venue 212)
Parked next to Potterrow Underpass on South College St. EH8 9AA (When it’s not spreading good-natured havoc throughout Edinburgh). 

The BlundaBus line-up includes:
Phil Kay, Stompy The Half Naked Chef, Lady Carol, Josh Ladgrove, Honky Bonk Beatles, Russell Hicks, Cammy & Robin Sinclair, Grace The Child, clowns, story tellers and weirdos... BlundaBus driver Bob Slayer will also present his eagerly awaited “Fat Jockey” show, a comical look back at his unexpected past.
Why wouldn’t you want to be on board?

We are a promoter of ‘paid’ shows with a strong distinction - instead of a model whereby the industry middlemen have the first take on ticket income, we make sure the acts see the lion’s share… Acts seem to like this very much indeed! And happy acts mean happy punters! 

We call our model Pay What You Want:
– Buy a ticket in advance to guarantee entry OR Pay What You Want at the venue…

The Fringe is undergoing a positive revolution, and the Heroes are its mischievous pacesetters! 

We’ve stood up against many injustices that put acts into debt: Pay to Play, the marketing arms race, the excess of middlemen. We simply want better deals for acts across the Fringe.

Recently, the Edinburgh Comedy Festival cartel has crumbled and Independent acts thrived, enjoying considerable a success that is unrelated to the size of their budget. 

As more performers challenge the deals they are offered big venues are forced to increasingly accept this change. So let’s put aside any talk of division. We are ready to spread big dollops of creative love through the heart of the Fringe!

“We don't want to rule the Fringe – we’re very happy as the merry pranksters on the edge.” - Bob Slayer

Award-winning trickster Bob Slayer is now in his 8th year as a performer and his 5th year as an irreverent Fringe promoter. He first set up a venue to answer one simple question:
“What would happen if performers were able to focus on creative freedom over competitive marketing?”

Answer: Artists are free to be themselves, they can keep the lion’s share of ticket income and deliver original shows to happy punters. This all leads to amazing word-of-mouth success and organic growth.

“Large marketing budgets cannot create the word of mouth success that we’ve enjoyed…” Bob Slayer

At Fringe 2013 and 2014, Bob’s independently operated pop-up bookshop venue introduced a model whereby punters could choose to either pre-pay for full price tickets or attend the show and “Pay What You Want” upon exit. No one was left empty-handed. Everyone felt warm and fuzzy.

“At the heart of the Fringe is a beauty that money cannot buy…” Bob Slayer

Heroes Awards to date include:

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