Sunday, 21 December 2014

Words of the Year 2014

fancy a cheeky stovie?
I looked it up because I thought it was a sex thing, but it is the new way of passing information around in the intelligence community. I say new, it got popular after 9/11 when, instead of getting, like, experts to look at data, they just sent it straight to the decision makers.

In other words, it's like this blog: a big load of information that hasn't been quantified by any analysis. I'm sure that I can make this into a crude... hang on, it already is

It's when date-gathering is performed by a pair of cocks. And probably explains why so many political decisions are fucking atrocious.

Yeah, this is a sex thing. It explains itself, really, but gets into Words of the Year because it got banned... that is, it is illegal to make a pornographic video in the UK which features someone sitting on someone else's face.

Apparently, this represented a patriarchal attack on women's pleasure, rather than being a typically idiosyncratic inclusion in legislation that gestured at a vague moral code in the post-internet society. 

the image chosen by the telegraph to discuss this.
Unlike the declaration that a foetus has no rights, even if the mother gets pissed up every night during pregnancy and gives the tenant a syndrome. Of course, this ruling is difficult and worth more than a quick gag - unlike face sitting, boom boom - but it does suggest that the law is aware of the long-running feminist insistence that the pregnant woman has more rights than a foetus.

So: facesitting bad, taking shit-loads of cocaine during pregnancy is theoretically no worse than taking shit-loads of cocaine at any other time. 

If the previous entry sounded confused, then that is because dialectic. To be honest, I can't hope to work out what is wrong and right (the principle that a woman has the right to do what she wants with her body seems right, but so does not condemning a kid to a lifetime of disability), so I just make crash, ill-timed comments. 

Smarter people might apply dialectic, and I learnt this word in 2014. You'll notice it is all over the blog now. I rather like it because it is a fancy way of saying conversation.

That's why I don't like the Anonymous Movement, even though I share their politics, in a half-hearted liberal way. They are in the middle of announcing to Iggy Azaela that they intend to fuck her career because she is appropriating hip-hop. 

That's not the action of patriarchal bully-boys at all. But it is the opposite of what Q-Tip did, who tried to use twitter to open a conversation with poor Iggy. 

(Actually, if you read Q-Tip's tweets, they are a lecture. So he fails too. That's a shame, because The Tribe Called Quest legacy makes me want to believe he understands how dialectic is a more inclusive process.)

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