Tuesday, 9 December 2014

The Blog Roll of Fame 2014 Scotland (directors)

8. Matt Lenton
13. Dominic Hill
21. Stewart Laing
It's a no-brainer for these three: they are going to be on everyone's lists. And they didn't just do good, they did plenty: Laing messed with theatre history and event cinema, Hill developed his style over adaptations and classics, Lenton did a musical and a meditation on death. It would be more interesting if someone replied that they didn't like their work, and told me why. I would respond, and say why I do like it. 

34. Stasi Schaeffer
It's not just that she pointed out a stupid mistake I made on the last blog roll: Stasis is a versatile director who can do opera and commercial theatre.  Going back to 2013, her opera breve project was an all too rare melding of intimate theatre and operatic singing: she almost got me interested enough to go and see a show with Gail Porter in it. 

Well, I am sure I'll have a few more director based rolls of fame, but I have to drag this out for more posts. Besides, no-one reads more than four entries at a time (if they did, they'd be mocking me for the mistake in the last one).

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