Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Play Boy of the month: Jacques

favourite activities 
Self-vanishing mediation is not something unknown to us.
Guilty Pleasures 
This measurement precisely eludes the arithmetic of ignoramuses
Intellectual emancipation is the verification of the equality of intelligence. 
Best Concert 
Emancipation begins when we challenge the opposition between viewing and acting.
Favourite Books 
It is easy to recognize in this line of argument the indestructible logic of the Communist Manifesto.
Favourite Movies 
The voice of the ventriloquist spectre tells us that we are doubly guilty, guilty for two opposite reasons: because we stick with the old verities of reality and culpability, affecting not to know that there is no longer anything to feel guilty about; but also because, through our own consumption of commodities, spectacles and protests, we contribute to the infamous reign of commodity equivalence.
Favourite TV show 
What is more interactive, more communitarian, about these spectators than a mass of individuals watching the same television show at the same hour?
Sports played 
Being a spectator is not some passive condition that we should transform into activity. It is our normal situation.
The beast, so it is said, gets a stranglehold on the desires and capacities of its potential enemies by offering them, at the cheapest price, the most desirable of commodities – the capacity to experiment with one’s life as a fertile ground for infinite possibilities
Foods I crave 
Social emancipation was simultaneously an aesthetic emancipation, a break with the ways of feeling, seeing and
saying that characterized working-class identity in the old hierarchical order. People I admire 
They have argued the real meaning of the word ‘democracy’: the law of the individual concerned exclusively with satisfying her desires. 
Jobs before Modelling 
I have contrasted this right-wing frenzy of post-critical critique with left-wing melancholy. But they are two sides of the same coin.
Favourite song to sing 
It is Plato’s community, where artisans must remain in their place because work does not wait – it does not allow time for going to chat in the agora, deliberate at the assembly and watch shadows in the theatre – but also because the divinity has given them the iron soul, the sensory and intellectual equipment, that adapts and fixes them to their occupation.
Sexiest city in the world 
That is the truth of the concept of spectacle as fixed by Guy Debord: the spectacle is not the display of images concealing reality. It is the existence of social activity and social wealth as a separate reality.
In the morning 
The cave is the place where images are taken for realities, ignorance for knowledge, and poverty for wealth. 
Good first date idea
There is no theoretical transition from modernist critique to postmodern nihilism. It is simply a question of reading the same equation of reality and the image, wealth and poverty, in a different direction.

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