Sunday, 14 December 2014

Pondering Dramaturgy

Having spent a year studying dramaturgy, I thought I might have grasped a definition by now. That I haven't isn't just a function of my own slippery stupidity (although I am sure that helps): the term itself is broad and open, and confused by the existence of dramaturgs. They do a particular job, but dramaturgy itself is not limited to their activities.

I rather liked Graham Eatough's explanation: the creation of an event in term and space. It's not exactly what he said but, hell, I have to start to somewhere.

Dramaturgy is the art of dramatic composition and the representation of the main elements of drama on the stage. The word dramaturgy was coined by Gotthold Ephraim Lessing. Dramaturgy is a distinct practice separate from playwriting and directing, although a single individual may perform any combination of the three.[1] Some dramatists combine writing and dramaturgy when creating a drama. Others work with a specialist, called a dramaturg, to adapt a work for the stage.

And that's what wikipedia has to say on the matter. Need we go on?

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