Wednesday, 31 December 2014

New Year Resolutions 2015

As the regular reader of my blog (hi Ben!) will know, this year has seen the transition of my interests from ideas I barely understand but I read about a paragraph of a book about them to ideas that I barely understand but they have an academic pedigree and I read the description in the university library. On the basis of this, I am going to make a set of New Year Resolutions. I reckon people love them.

1. Giving up Smoking
To clarify, by smoking I mean 'getting involved in controversies generated by the media'. And since everyone is the media nowadays, that means complaining about stuff that people keep posting. Buzzfeed is like pornography: lots of people use it, few admit to it, even fewer defend it, but I would appreciate it if my cool friends (and if I like you on Facebook or Twitter, I think you are cool) could try and repost more esoteric media. Less BBC and Guardian think-pieces, more critical theory, please. Otherwise, I am going to mention Katie 'fucksake' Hopkoins in every post.

2. Having a fitness regime
Tell you what: methodology is health. I am going to be much more involved with methodology than content now. The way a play is presented is far more telling than the subject it covers. As a throwaway comment that begs deeper clarification, and will annoy the right people: most plays that think of themselves as political are usually left-wing subjects with right-wing methodology. 

3. Cut down on alcohol
There are toxins in the TV and I am going to watch even less of it this year. Just let me get that Charlie Brooker on the iplayer, then I am cutting out the shit-pump and its associated nonsense. Except for Bojack Horseman and... hang on, I hardly watch it. I get pissed more often than I watch a panel show. 

4. Cut out the one night stands
I used to think art about art was a bit of a wank. Now I am happily going to consider it as the foremost genre of theatre. Until I read another book that says otherwise. See, art about art is about methodology, and I am into that, this week.

5. Er, that's it.

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