Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Transcript of Buzzcut Chat....

On the announcement of their participation in this year's manipulate, I contacted Buzzcut's founders - "two artists making space for other artists" to see how their own vision integrated with that of Puppet Animation Scotland. As we race towards the opening night, a few words from Nick Anderson and Rosana Cade explain how emerging artists can get visual...

What made you decide to hook up with a visual theatre festival?

Following Buzzcut festival last year, we were approached by Simon Hart, who was keen to hear more about what we were up to over here in Glasgow. One of our aims with Buzzcut is to always be bringing Live Art to new audiences, and we saw working with Manipulate as an exciting way to bring great work to a new group of people who may not have come along to Buzzcut in March.

It felt like an appropriate way to be broadening and strengthening the performance community within Scotland. Perhaps Visual Theatre and Live Art mean different things to a lot of people, and we are interested in exploring the parallels and intricacies of these distinctions by placing the work alongside each other in the same programme.

Does manipulate share anything with your own ethos in terms of how they programme?
Manipulate has a core purpose of showcasing an alternative form of work that has less of a platform in Britain, not least Scotland. This is an ethos that we'd find parity with as we both believe in the importance of the work we're passionate about having a supportive home. The work that interests both of us is contemporary and less likely to be seen regularly by audiences, and it's clear we are both inspired by the chance to see this work in Scotland.

When we met up last May to speak about this collaboration, Simon shared our excitement about blurring the barriers that might exist between Glasgow and Edinburgh audiences. Both cities have great audiences and different qualities, so it's exciting to be working with this intention!

Are you going to see anything else in the programme- or what has intrigued you?

We're fairly excited by the film programme. It seems like a rare treat to have such an interesting range of animated films from across the world. Big Man Japan in particular sounds like it's going to be a lot of fun, and we're also looking forward to some of the darker screenings like Consuming Spirits, which was apparently fifteen years in the making! I think we'll be aiming to get a film festival pass and see all the screenings if we're able to.

What is also really exciting about the programme is having the chance to see live performances from all over the world, and to engage with the styles and techniques these companies are experimenting with.


Love Buzzcut x

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