Thursday, 31 January 2013


Escaping from the traditional division between the audience and actor - like in the great punk rock experiment, when the theatricality of the audience reflected the on-stage energy the music, Vision MechanicsDark Matter invites viewers to wear stereo headphones and black capes.

Although Chris Lee's script is performed as a monologue by Emma Anderson, Vision Mechanics are going wild on the theatrical bells and whistles. Sound architect Tam Treanor is setting up microphones around the secret garden location, mixing live sounds and city noise to break the clear boundary between the real and the recorded, a light installation shapes the show as Anderson follows a journet from loss into insanity.

“Gardens are a metaphor for life” says Director, Symon Macintyre, “They represent a constant struggle between nature and nurture and sometimes, like ourselves, if left untended-unloved, they grow out of control. “

You are advised to dress warmly.  Contains themes of an adult nature.

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